Crypto Starting Line

Crypto Starting Line: Basics and Best Practices Class – $219.00

15 participants max

Class Description

This class is designed specifically for anyone interested in cryptocurrency investing and financial services who wants to be able to navigate the “cryptoverse” with confidence using best practices for safety and security. Topics covered:

  • Cryptocurrency Defined
  • Overview and exploration of the cryptoverse
  • Types of crypto (value tokens, governance tokens, NFTs, etc.)
  • Buying, Selling, and Storing crypto with minimal risk and best practices
  • Crypto Financial Services (loans, yield farming, staking, etc.)
  • Live Demonstrations of trading, sending, and storing crypto on wallets and exchanges
  • Evaluating cryptocurrency products and services; general conservative investment strategy; where to go for intermediate and advanced knowledge, training, and skills

Consulting also available. Further questions to nick@nickaugust.XYZ.